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Dance footwear is normally produced using buffalo soles as that material complies strongly with the sport's technical requirements. Over the years, the variety of places people dance in has led to integrating the only material once used with others, such as leather (generally used for walking shoes) or rubber. The following sole types are used: 

Buffalo Flexibily and pourous. The flexibility allows the foot to really bend its porosity prevents it from slipping. Well- know international dance professionals explain that this material allows you to slide slightly, where required, by absorbing substances like castor oil. The buffalo down proves its good state. If use should soften the down, it must be resored by scraping the sole

counter-wise with a sole cleaning brush (see accessories). The specific aspects of buffalo mean you cannot walk outdoors. If you do so, the sole would wear faster and, in the rain, could absorb water and damage the shoe.

 Flexibility midway between buffalo and leather. This is not the rough rubber used to meke fashion footwear, but a compound giving you the right grip on floors. You can also walk outdoor.

Rigid and compact. Prevents the foot from bending completely but allows you to walk outdoors. Indicated for dancing on open-air floors.

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Change of the sole in: leather, red buffalo or rubber

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